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  • $2.90 (inc GST) per m3 per week
  • Minimum 5 m3
  • Charged weekly

Entrusting your belongings to someone else to take care of them is not a simple decision. You need to get an assurance that your goods are safe and secure, and this is exactly what we give to you.

For over seven decades we have helped over one million people with their removals and storage needs across Australia. We have a safe and secure storage solution, which is specially designed to hold your belongs in long-term and short-term basis at the most affordable rates in the market.

The fact that we are affordable doesn’t mean we compromise the quality of services we offer and the safety and security of the belongings you store with us. It means that we understand that our clients come from different levels of the socio-economic ladder, and we take care of them all. We have something for everyone.

When you call us, we shall send our team of skilled packers who will pack all your belongings in heavy-duty plastic boxes that are specially designed to ensure individual items are protected. Then, your belongings will be loaded carefully in reinforced steel containers, which will minimize double handling and significantly reduce the risk of damage during transportation and storage. Your goods are then stored in highly safeguarded facility, which is CCTV and fire monitored 24/7. When you are ready to have your items, we re-deliver them in any part of the world.

How it works

  1. We pick up anywhere – our professional removalists will pick up your items from wherever you are at a time convenient to you.
  2. We pack safely – we pack all your items carefully and ensure they are safe for storage.
  3. We store securely – we use reinforced steel containers to store your belongings in our private secure storage facilities that are CCTV and fire monitored 24/7.
  4. We redeliver anywhere – when you are ready for your belongings or individual items, we shall redeliver them at your door or to any address across the globe.

Why choose fox relocations secure storage?

Our storage solution is 50% cheaper than self-storage; hence you have no reason to compromise the security of your possessions that you have worked for all your life.

To take advantage of our affordable and secure services, you don’t need to visit our offices. With a few mouse clicks and one phone call, we shall organise who your items will be packed, loaded, transported, and stored at our secure and climate-controlled facilities. Then, we shall make plans on how you will get them redelivered anywhere in the world by our seasoned removalists and trained storage experts who have been tested and proven for years.

Fox relocations is easy to work with. Our professional movers will come wherever you are to;

  • Provide inventory, dispatch records, condition reports, and receipts free of charge. This will help you track your belongings as they move and when they are delivered so that you can make any claims if need be.
  • Professionally wrap your items especially furniture and electronics in fox-supplied heavy-duty plastic boxes which will ensure they reach their intended destination safely and free from dust, dirt, and moisture.
  • Use their skills and expertise to load your belongings in reinforced steel storage containers, which will ensure there is no double handling of your treasures, and mitigate damage.
  • Pick up your belongings from anywhere in Australia, so you will not need to use hundreds or even thousands of bucks to hire a moving truck to transport them to our storage facilities.
  • Deliver your belongings to our safe, secure, and climate-controlled storage facilities for as long as you want them to be with us. We offer 24/7 protection to each item; thus you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is in the right hands.
  • With us, you don’t have to get your hands dirty. All you need to do is sit back and watch as we do most of the work, and leave you 100% satisfied with our services.

With our four-level storage system, you can rest assured that the storage process will be more convenient, secure, easier, and cheaper than self-storage.

Our home, office furniture storage is;

  • Easier unlike traditional storage which is challenging, stressful, and time consuming, our solution is the exact opposite. All you need to do is navigate through our website, find the solution you need, and give as a call. When this is done, the ball will be on our court. We shall pick up furniture from your home, office, or current storage facility. Our professional packers will skilfully pack every piece of furniture for you, and then they shall be loaded in our trucks. We don’t use lagging boxes, neither do we rent moving trucks. When you are ready to have your belongings, all you need to do is send us your location and we shall redeliver as fast as we can.
  • More secure at Fox relocations, we don’t provide simple and affordable services at the expense of security. We understand that your furniture is very important to you, and this why we protect it with the rare four-level secure storage system.
  • Cheaper for us, we believe that quality should be complemented by affordability. For this reason, we only charge you for the space your belongings have taken, and not for the entire storage unit. This makes our storage solutions 50% cheaper and 100% stress free as compared to self-storage. What makes our services more interesting is that we shall through in a number of items and not charge you a dime for them!

Our secure furniture and office storage solutions include;

  • Furniture storage
  • Self-storage
  • Cheap storage
  • Mobile storage
  • Long-term and short-term storage
  • Corporate and business storage
  • Transit and storage insurance
  • Specialised storage

Why spend all your time looking for the best storage solutions in the market? Get in touch with us today!

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