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  • $2.90 (inc GST) per m3 per week
  • Minimum 5 m3
  • Charged weekly

Why Choose Storage Fox?

For over 70 years, we have been the leading storage and removals partner for millions of Australians. If you are looking for the best storage solution that will be easy, convenient, and astoundingly affordable, store with Storage Fox. With us, you will gain confidence knowing that you will get the cheapest, the easiest, and the most secure storage for all your belongings.


Unlike the traditional storage methods where you have to fill hundreds of forms before your belongings can be stored, all you need to do when you choose to work with us is navigate through our site with a few mouse clicks and give us a call. Once you do this, we shall pick up your belongings from anywhere in Australia and store them for as long as you want. Whenever you are ready for them, we shall redeliver them anywhere in the globe!

More Secure

Even though we provide affordable services, we never compromise on the security of your belongings. When you leave your items with us, you can rest assured that they will be protected 24/7 and you will find them in the same state they were regardless of the length of time you store with us thanks to our unique Four-Level Secure Storage System.

Up to 50% Cheaper

The reason why our solutions are 50% cheaper than self-storage is because we use an advanced stackable containerised storage solution which is more efficient and affordable. Also, unlike self-storage where you have to rent your own box, you don’t pay for an empty storage when you work with us. You shall only pay for the space your belongings have taken!

Other Reasons you need to work with us;

  • We have an unshakable reputation thanks to outstanding customer reviews and experts ratings.
  • We have an award-winning customer service
  • We are committed to delivering integrity, care, and excellence in every service we offer
  • We are highly reliable
  • We have a wealth of experience, having served Australians for over 70 years.


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